$14.00 AUD


The Cramp Shad Fat is based on its slimmer brother and adopts its length and combined plate/V-tail.

However, this is where the similarities end.

The “Fat” has a much wider and slightly flattened body as well as a different salt content, which creates a completely different weight distribution, and the Cramp Shad Fat can be used on the Weightless Offset (e.g. Beast 4/0) like a Tiny Klash in Deadwalk or Glide mode can be performed. This is a movement that the fish in your water have definitely never seen from a softbait. 

If you rig the bait “upside down”, i.e. with the belly up, it has a wide S-shaped barrel during steady retrieve, which is reminiscent of a classic glide bait. A classic jig head also works well.

Due to the top-heavy weight distribution of the rubber mixture, the bait reacts extremely sensitively to guidance with the reel or rod tip and can therefore be animated individually.

A weapon for Redfin, Bass, Yellowbelly, Flathead and much more (utilized in both Freshwater & Saltwater).

Scent: No
Contents: 5 per packet
Length: 4.5" (11.43cm)
Weight: 10g