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With the Joker, DRT has brought a topwater bait onto the market that makes a real statement both visually and acoustically.

The extremely beefy body is highly buoyant and attracts the attention of Bass, Murray Cod and many other top-water species due to its large silhouette and lots of noise.

As is common with all baits in the Klash series, the Joker also has a variable lip/tail system. “Out of the box” the bait comes with the wide lip of the Klash9 and the V-tail of a Tiny Klash.

In this configuration it can be guided on the surface like a large wakebait (steady retrieve) or variably controlled using deadwalk inserts and stop-and-go. If you remove the lip, you get a completely different run.

For example, the Joker can be “twitched” over the surface like a large glidebait.

Type: Topwater/High Float
Rattle: Queen (No), #湖西☆バンバン(Yes)
Weight: 3oz
Length: 8.2 inches (20.8cm)