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The Varial Tail is the standard tail of the Klash series and is also supplied with the baits ex works (exception: Joker).

Depending on which way the tail is inserted into the bait, the course of the bait changes.

From the factory, every Klash comes with the Varial Tail in Mode A (the tips point upwards). This mode, in conjunction with the lip, ensures a very agile run with a lot of lateral movement in the joint.

If the tail is now turned around (Mode B, tips point downwards), the bait loses a lot of its own movement during steady retrieval, but can be controlled extremely well with small movements of the rod or reel in the dead-walk.

Even without the lip, the insertion direction of the varial tail makes an extreme difference in the running of the bait; lipless mode B, for example, is the very popular and catchy “glide mode” on the Tiny Klash and Klash 9.

It's worth experimenting with different tail modes.