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The DRT Klash Ghost bears the name of the "Klash" series, but differs significantly from its smaller relatives in terms of function and running behavior.

Like the Klash 9 and the Tiny Klash, the Klash Ghost can be fished with or without a lip, thereby changing the action. However, that's almost where the similarities end.

The Ghost's body consists of three segments, which means that even with the slightest pull it snakes straight and in narrow paths through the water. Thanks to the joint pads included in delivery, the movement pattern of the bait can be adjusted in an extremely versatile way. In this way, the Ghost can also perform extremely long glides or jagged deadwalks, depending on the configuration.

The large silhouette of the bait is a real big fish magnet. The swivel-mounted hook eyes effectively reduce the risk of the fish being levered out.

Type: LO Float
Weight: 8.3oz
Length: 13-14.5 inch (33cm - 37cm) with Vtail

DRT describes LO Float as the bait will not sink on its own. The bait will sit sub-surface. Utilization of accessories such as lead tape, chin weights and so forth, will assist in sink rate.

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