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The VTS 7 was not originally developed as a soft jerk, but as a V-tail swimbait that snakes through the water like a fleeing fish when retrieved at medium to fast speeds.

If you combine this escape movement with breaks (stop-and-go), even the slowest fish cannot resist.

Even if the developer Tomoya Shirakawa did not design it as a fluke, the VTS 7 can still be fished excellently as a soft jerk, either on a 7/0 offset hook or nose-hooked with a hook keeper, it can be jerked weedless through dense weed fields is therefore ideal for fishing in shallow waters in summer.

However, the possible uses of this bait are far from exhausted! DRT field staff, for example, also uses the VTS 7 extremely successfully for zander in shallow waters. The bait is provided with a light nail sinker and is offered nose-hooked directly over the bottom.

Of course the classic jig head also works well.

A weapon for larger Freshwater & Saltwater species.

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