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A handle that mainly uses extra high gear reels with a handle rotation of 90 cm or more. Ideal for fishing where big baits are manipulated with reeling work. The length of 100mm reduces the winding resistance of extra high gears.

Completely machined handle using 3D machining. The sensitivity and feeling brought about by high precision and high rigidity will make you addicted once you use it. It supports everything from standard lure winding to big bait, finesse, sensitivity and high response unique to metal materials, and even high power fishing around cover.

The knobs uses the industry's first material to provide a unique touch feel and sensitivity, and you can customize the knob shape and color with optional parts to create your own VARIAL handle.

The main plate, which requires strength, uses A7075 (super duralumin) to achieve both strength and lightness, and the knob part uses aluminum + resin materials to pursue a winding feel with a weight distribution that is not too light.

The LIVRE handle type center nut achieves the ideal 50:50 ratio and is highly rigid and durable for everything from big cod to big barra.

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