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Handle specially developed for the needs of swimbaiters.

The 110 mm delivers brutal cranking power and allows swimbaits to glide easily through the water.

Swimbaits fished with lips (for example Klash 9 with Deep Lip) benefit greatly from the extra torque. This means that “cranking” doesn’t become a chore, but is always easy to do.

All DRT Varial Handles are made from A7075 Super Duralumin. This extremely light yet very torsion-resistant material from aircraft construction offers perfect power transmission to the bait while maintaining sensitivity.

Every nudge is transmitted precisely. Once the fish is hooked, the Varial Handle offers full control during the fight.

Large flat knobs made of non-slip but never sticky material provide a secure and comfortable grip in all weather conditions. With various optionally available shapes and colors, the knobs can be adapted to your personal taste.

The Varial Handles fit any bait-caster model and are securely attached to the reel using a separate nut (DRT Center Nut). The center nut provides additional grooves and must be ordered to fit your reel, as different manufacturers require different diameters - see center nut options under TUNING PARTS tab.

Not sure what size will fit your reel? Please contact us for assistance.

Length: 110mm

Made in Japan

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