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COLOUR: Silver
For use with winding resistance ultra max class big baits and giant baits 
over 300mm. The handle plate is extremely thick, allowing you to input
action to the lure without power loss. The tungsten variable balancer
system is position adjustable and prevents clutch return when adjusting
the balance of the knob and casting. Equipped with DRT×WCZ flat knob as
standard. The handle length can be adjusted from 140mm to 150mm.

A high-power model designed for use not only on bass but also on various
large lures and large fish.

Completely machined handle using 3D machining. The sensitivity and feeling
brought about by high precision and high rigidity will make you addicted
once you use it. It supports everything from standard lure winding to
big bait, finesse, sensitivity and high response unique to metal
materials, and even high power fishing around cover.

The knob uses the industry's first material to provide a unique touch
feel and sensitivity, and you can create your own VARIAL by changing
the knob shape and color using optional parts. The main plate, which
requires strength, uses A7075 (super duralumin) to achieve both
strength and lightness, and the knob part uses aluminum + resin
materials to pursue a winding feel with a weight distribution that is
not too light. The LIVRE handle type center nut achieves the ideal
50:50 ratio and is highly rigid and durable for everything from big
bass to monster fish to salt water.

Counter balancer is removable and adjustable for distance to match.

Directions for the 140-150mm Varial are as follows:

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTURIONS - Use together with Japanese instructions provided.

Parts included:

1x T torx wrench

1x 2.5mm hex wrench

2x oval washers

2x Shimano SUS washer

3x Daiwa SUS washer

Please Note: Add SUS washers between oval washer and star drag when it’s making contact with the handle or if the handle has play.


  1. Secure the star drag and the reel foot with a rubber band to prevent star drag from popping out of place,
  2. Remove the stock handle and install the oval washer,
  3. Place the parts in order. Varial plate, then center nut. Hand tighten the nut before using the T-torx wrench!  Make sure the nut is on the thread straight.

Please Note: Right center nut turn clockwise, Left center nut is counter clockwise.

Please Note: You may choose 2 different pitch sizes from 140mm and 150mm by turning the oval washer and Varial plate 180 degrees.

Please Note: You may also remove the counter balance with the 2.5mm hex wrench provided.

Please Note: Center nut has very fine threads and can easily be damaged when installed improperly.

Please Note: Bearings are treated with corrosion protection, however that will NOT guarantee rust or corrosion so we highly recommend to keep up maintenance on a regular basis.

Please Note: Please re-tighten the nut or bolt every once in a while.

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