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Wide Lip:

The Wide Lip brings the K9 deeper and also increases the water pressure enormously. A weapon when the fish are a little deeper and need a little more "convincing".

Roll Lip:

The Roll Lip allows the K9 to work less in the right/left joint, but rather rolls it more along the longitudinal axis. This creates a completely different action that, on some days, exactly suits the taste of the fish. If you use it the "wrong" way, i.e. bent forward, it brings the K9 to more depth and allows it to break out further to the sides.


The YTMK Lip reduces lateral movement even more than the Roll Lip, giving the bait a pure rolling movement along the longitudinal axis. Especially in combination with a V-Tail, the bait can be guided extremely flat and "inconspicuously" below the surface. Run slowly, this is an absolute bank in the cold months when the fish are very lethargic. The YTMK can also be inserted “wrong” to achieve lateral movement with a little more diving depth.

2 pieces per packet.

Wide Lip is also compatible with Joker.

Please see video below:

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