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The VTS 5 is much more than just the little brother of the VTS 7.

Compared to the 7" version, the head of the VTS 5 is slightly flattened and the body is more rounded, which means it can be perfectly reeled in on a small jig head with a slight wobble of the rod, thus seductively simulating an unsuspecting prey fish.
If you hit the rod a little harder, the VTS 5 then "panics" to the sides and often entices the hesitant fish to bite.

Like its larger relative, the VTS 5 can also be used excellently as a pure soft jerk; it can either be rigged weed-less on the offset hook (approx. 3/0), or nose-hooked with the support of a small bait-holder spiral, which gives the bait an even higher angle gets a nicer run. A classic jig head will also work well.

A weapon for Redfin, Bass, Yellowbelly, Flathead and much more (utilized in both Freshwater & Saltwater).

Scent: No
Contents: 5 pieces per packet
Size: 5" (12.7cm)
Weight: 11g

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